Indonesia is “hidden treasure” for any investors. This country had so much potency in every sectors, and still not developed it yet. In energy, it becomes a home of 40% geothermal potency of world resources. Second largest thermal coal exporter in the world. A larger producer of palm oil in the world.

In finance, liberalisation  rules on foreign ownership in banking industry allowing up to 99% ownership. The opportunity in Shariah bank and insurance industry are wide open also, as the biggest moslem’s country in the world and offering more than 50% of young people with low penetration rate, Indonesia’ insurance Industry is the fastest growing of the ASEAN. the global economic downturn produce continued significant growth in banking at a 26.74% increase in profits for 2010.

That’s only 2 example sectors, and there is abundant chance to be invested your money and grow your business here. In every opportunity, there is always a risk and what foreign investors always be concern is local partners. Local partners always become the most crucial and challenging things in investment area, especially in indonesia. Since a century ago, heridated from generation to generation with complex cultural diversity combining with more than a hundreds different language.

Maxidaya Capital is come out with solution, as private equity and financial advisory we realize managing money is not just about gaining all the knowledge about financial theory and discussing it above the paper. What we learn from other company in the past,  there is a lot of deviation because the mismanagement in investment area. So, It’s all about combination of high-skilled financing and builds sustainable environment by mutual interest with local partners. Local partners here, containing a government in that area, local leaders, and all the important organization surround the area.

We give you a safe investment and everlasting trust to the society.

Maxidaya Capital Syariah

.Maximizing Your Syariah Investments.


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