Submit a Business Plan

Maxidaya Capital Syariah for Entrepreneurs

Maxidaya Capital is always on the look out for new entrepreneurs with exceptional ideas. If you are this person and you are interested in developing a business relationship with us, please submit your business plan and resumes of key management team members here.

We receive business plans on a daily basis, only the business plans that contain the following will be reviewed by our venture partner specialists. Please make sure your plan consists of the following;

  • Name of your company or concept
  • Clear statement of your innovative idea and opportunity
  • Management team bios
  • Company background
  • Marketing strategy and revenue model
  • Current financial statements and projections
  • Analysis of your main competitors and risk factors
  • Amount of venture capital needed and pre-money valuation
  • All based on syariah financing and calculation

Business plans are generally reviewed by Maxidaya Capital over a month period. If we need any additional information, we will contact you directly.

Submit your business plan at;


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